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DK-German Medical Diagnostic Center, Кабул, Afghanistan

Имя DK-German Medical Diagnostic Center
Адрес Улица : Street 66 / House 138 / District 4 Zone 1
AF- Кабул

Площадь Wilāyat-e Kābul
Телефон +93 79 9136210
URL http://www.medical-kabul.com/
Описание The DK-German Medical Diagnostic Center is established to provide a high quality medical care for all patients. All services are offered according to required German and international quality standards and guidelines.
To guarantee this quality, we use German medical devices, equipment, diagnostic reagents, X-ray films and pharmaceuticals.

The DK-German Medical Center is staffed by German healthcare professionals. Our Staff will ensure all patients receive a thorough research treatment that is consistent with contemporary standards.

Services provided: 

- Medical consultations and treatments
- Medical entrance examinations

- Minor surgical procedure

- Vaccinations
- Wound treatments
- Wide range of Laboratory tests

- X-rays
- Pharmacy


Services not provided:

- Emergency care
- Inpatient treatment
- Obstetric care


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