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81 Hospitals
Accelerated Discharge Office Herries Road GB- S5 7AU Шеффилд
Arbourthorne a East Bank Road GB- S2 2AD Шеффилд
Beech Hill Norfolk Park Road GB- S2 3QE Шеффилд
Belgrave Medical Centre Asline Road GB- S2 4UJ Шеффилд
Bmi - Thornbury Hospital Fulwood Road GB- S10 3BR Шеффилд GO http://www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/thornbury
Bole Hill Residential Home Eastfield Road GB- S10 1QL Шеффилд
Braeside Upwell Street GB- S4 8AN Шеффилд
Brincliffe House Osborne Road GB- S11 9BD Шеффилд
Buckwood View Nursing Home a Buck Wood View GB- S14 1LX Шеффилд
Centenary Annexe a Upperthorpe Road GB- S6 3EB Шеффилд
Centenary House Albert Terrace Road GB- S6 3BR Шеффилд
Central Health Clinic Mulberry Street GB- S1 2PJ Шеффилд
Centre For Hiv and Sexual Health Collegiate Crescent GB- S10 2BA Шеффилд
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital Wellesley Road GB- S10 2SZ Шеффилд GO http://www.sth.nhs.uk
Charnock Medical Centre White Lane GB- S12 3GH Шеффилд
City Comprehensive Stradbroke Road GB- S13 8SS Шеффилд
Claremont Hospital Sandygate Road GB- S10 5UB Шеффилд GO http://www.claremont-hospital.com
Clinical Neuropsychology Service Claremont Crescent GB- S10 2TA Шеффилд
Dental Clinc - Norfolk Park School Park Grange Road GB- S2 3QF Шеффилд
Dental Clinic - Oakes Park School Hemsworth Road GB- S8 8LN Шеффилд
Don Valley House Savile Street East GB- S4 7UQ Шеффилд
Dragoon Court Penistone Road GB- S6 2GZ Шеффилд
Duke Medical Centre Talbot Road GB- S2 2TD Шеффилд
Early Days Childrens Centre Palgrave Road GB- S5 8GS Шеффилд
First Start Nursery Firth Park Road GB- S5 6QQ Шеффилд
Firth Park Clinic North Quadrant GB- S5 6NU Шеффилд
Flockton House Union Road GB- S11 9EF Шеффилд
Fox Hill -169 Fox Hill Road GB- S6 1HF Шеффилд
Foxwood Resource Centre Ridgeway Road GB- S12 2TW Шеффилд
Greenhill Health Centre Lupton Road GB- S8 7NQ Шеффилд
Guernsey House Guernsey Road GB- S2 4HG Шеффилд
Hackenthorpe Medical Centre Main Street GB- S12 4LA Шеффилд
Hazelhurst Resource Centre Dyche Drive GB- S8 8DN Шеффилд
Heeley Bank Nursing Home Heeley Bank Road GB- S2 3GL Шеффилд
Heeley Dental Clinic Gifford Road GB- S8 0ZS Шеффилд
High Green Health Centre Thompson Hill GB- S35 4NF Шеффилд
Hollies Medical Centre St. Andrews Road GB- S11 9AL Шеффилд
Hurlfield View Gleadless Common GB- S12 2UU Шеффилд
Inclusion Support Centre Halifax Road GB- S6 1AA Шеффилд
Jasmine Court Nursing Home Roe Lane GB- S3 9AJ Шеффилд
Jordanthorpe Health Centre Jordanthorpe Centre GB- S8 8DX Шеффилд
Kersal Mount Nursing Home Manchester Road GB- S10 5DN Шеффилд
Kirkhill Resource Centre Lowedges Road GB- S8 7LE Шеффилд
Lodge Moor Medical Centre Rochester Road GB- S10 4JQ Шеффилд
Manor Clinic Ridgeway Road GB- S12 2ST Шеффилд
Manor Park Medical Centre Harborough Avenue GB- S2 1QU Шеффилд
Margetson Surgery Remington Avenue GB- S5 9PA Шеффилд
Netherthorpe House Netherthorpe Road GB- S3 7EZ Шеффилд
Newfield Green Clinic Gleadless Road GB- S2 2BS Шеффилд
Norbury Resource Centre Crabtree Road GB- S5 7BB Шеффилд
Norfolk Park Health Centre Tower Drive GB- S2 3RE Шеффилд
Northern General Hospital Herries Road GB- S5 7AU Шеффилд GO http://www.sth.nhs.uk/
Northlands Community Health Centre Southey Hill GB- S5 8BE Шеффилд
Norwood Medical Centre Herries Road GB- S5 7HD Шеффилд
Oakwood Young Peoples Centre Herries Road GB- S5 7AU Шеффилд GO http://www.oakwoodschoolsheffield.net/
Oakwood Ypc Herries Road GB- S5 7AU Шеффилд
Park Health Centre Duke Street GB- S2 5QQ Шеффилд
Royal Hallamshire Hospital Glossop Road GB- S10 2JF Шеффилд GO http://www.sth.nhs.uk
Ryegate Centre Tapton Crescent Road GB- S10 5DD Шеффилд
Sevenfields Resource Centre Ben Lane GB- S6 4SB Шеффилд
Sharrow Sure Start Sharrow Lane GB- S11 8AL Шеффилд
Sheffield Children's Hospital Western Bank GB- S10 2TH Шеффилд GO http://www.sheffieldchildrens.com/
Shirle Hill Cherry Tree Road GB- S11 9AA Шеффилд GO http://www.sheffieldchildrens.com/
Steven Close Chapeltown GB- S35 1XW Шеффилд
Tannery Lodge Stradbroke Road GB- S13 7GD Шеффилд
The Longley Centre Norwood Grange Drive GB- S5 7JT Шеффилд
The One Health Group Ltd Psalter Lane GB- S11 8UX Шеффилд
Thornlea Middlewood Road GB- S6 1TQ Шеффилд
Tramways Medical Centre a Holme Lane GB- S6 4JQ Шеффилд
Upperthorpe Medical Centre Addy Street GB- S6 3FT Шеффилд
Walkley Medical Centre Greenhow Street GB- S6 3TN Шеффилд
Waverley House Joiner Street GB- S3 8GW Шеффилд
Wensley Street Wensley Street GB- S4 8HN Шеффилд
West Court Langsett Road GB- S6 2LR Шеффилд
Weston Park Hospital Whitham Road GB- S10 2SJ Шеффилд GO http://www.sth.nhs.uk
Wilkinson Street Wilkinson Street GB- S10 2GA Шеффилд
Wincobank Health Centre Tyler Street GB- S9 1DJ Шеффилд
Woodland View Nursing Home Lightwood Lane GB- S8 8BG Шеффилд
Woodseats Medical Centre -4 Cobnar Road GB- S8 8QB Шеффилд
Woolley Wood School Oaks Fold Road GB- S5 0TG Шеффилд
Wybourn School Manor Oaks Road GB- S2 5ED Шеффилд