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Hospitalscout.com - International recruiting and Career services for medical professions

hospitalscout.com - the specialists for international top careers in medical professions

The hospitalscout.com recruiting specialists work exclusively for hospitals, clinics and private practices. We have in-depth knowledge concerning all the special aspects of staffing in medical professions. With over 17 years of experience our company supports our clients to succeed in a proven quality. Hospitalscout.com, a subsidiary of kliniken.de, and one of Germany’s, Switzerland’s and Austria’s largest job boards and recruiting specialists in the medical field is also active in the Gulf region. As a member of the global think tank Diplomatic Council and chair of the International Healthcare Forum we know how to deal in a global sphere with intercultural differences.

Our identification with the goals of our clients and candidates is crucial to us!

We take the “extra mile” to ensure a good fit between the employer and the candidate and we are fast because we can rely on our own extensive databases of personnel. We provide individual, independent and transparent information, taking into account the special interests and values that come along with the special circumstances in a recruitment process. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector, both in the filling of positions, as well as the special needs in health care.

We focus on long-term customer relationships and satisfaction.

You can count on us!

Our success factors

For employers

In the Gulf States physicians and nurses with either a European education or Arabic background are wanted! This is why we concentrate mainly on these two groups. We keep in mind that intercultural skills and the English or Arabic language know-how are prerequisites for a job in a clinic in the Gulf States.
We have a track-record that our clients save a lot of valuable time. We are very effective to find suitable candidates because we will use all possible available sources such as candidate databases from our job portals, congresses, fairs, university contacts, medical societies etc.

For candidates

The identification of the goals and requirements of our candidates is crucial to us. The career consultancy of the candidates is and was always our special concern. We provide you individual and independent advice.

As a recruiting specialist for physicians, nurses and administrative staff, we offer international top jobs which will make you more successful and give you better long-term perspectives in your career. As in the other sectors international experience is one of the most important factors for differentiation. The Gulf States are especially an excellent spring board into the next career step. The chances are exceptionally good: The healthcare market in the Middle East is booming - and despite the economic crisis an end is not in sight. Massive investments will be made because the Gulf region wants to become the healthcare hub for the whole Arabic world.

Many Arab states have multi-billion dollar plans for the expansion and modernization of their health systems. According to the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry the volume of current health projects in the Arab world exceeds 50.5 billion U.S. dollars. A majority of these projects have already been implemented and over 30 percent of the projects are in the planning and tendering phase. The enormous investments reaffirm the future priorities in the health care industry.

The job pathway

Recruiting procedures are different everywhere, which is why we would like to give you some information in order that you know what to expect.

Your application must be written in English. It is then passed to our regional representative who forwards it to the hospital. If the application is accepted, there will be a telephone or Skype interview. Some of the details of your contract will already be discussed such as the start of work, contract period, salary, housing , etc.

A contract runs for an average of two to three years. The Gulf States are usually very child-friendly and offer the possibility to bring family members. Important: The entry into the Gulf countries is subject to an invitation and a visa that is usually taken care of by the hospitals. The employer must fill out a guarantee form for the employee.
Please note: With the signing of the employment contract a guarantee for the job is not given. Yet there will be another test (interview) at the "Department of Health". We will explain the procedure before your trip to the Gulf States.

The accreditation

Once the contract with the candidate has been signed the visa and the accreditation processes are really fast. The admin requirements are usually accomplished up to six weeks – then the new exciting work life in the Gulf region can start.

Although the figures are sometimes exaggerated, according to statements of the trade and Investment agency salary increases for doctors of about 50% compared to German wages are possible. The salaries are usually paid in U.S. $. For nursing staff an increase of 100% is even possible.
All salaries are almost tax-free. The tuition fees for international schools will often be paid by the employer.