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Type of organisationPrivate
International or nationalInternational
Period of validity4 years
Method of assessmentPeer assessment and internally educated assessors (former healthcare industry employees)
Public communicationTotal transparency
Target groupsGovernment, insurance, patients
Pricert fee € 7,984,- € 107,028,-
Accredited byISQua
Quality normINK model
Founders8 Dutch hospitals and the IHDF
ObjectiveStimulate quality improvement
Profit or non-profit basedNon-profi t, no subsidy
Accredited institutionsMajority hospitals.
Special remarks-

In 1989, the ‘Nederlands Instituut voor Accreditatie in de Zorg’ (NIAZ) was founded by the International Health Development Foundation (IHDF) and eight Dutch hospitals. Their goal is to offer a contribution to the assurance and improvement of quality of healthcare. This is done, for example, by a peer assessment consisting of a questionnaire which includes questions about medical services, management and patients of a certain hospital. After this, a survey team is sent to the healthcare organisation. This survey team contains former healthcare professionals who are educated by the NIAZ. The completion of the self assessment and the inspection of the hospital by the survey team results in a written report. This report includes the findings of the survey team and possible recommendations for improvement. Thereafter, the report is sent to the College for Quality Certificates which decides whether there will be a positive or negative accreditation.

The healthcare organisation also writes an action plan for the following years, describing improvement options for the examined hospital. Approximately one year after the accreditation, a small survey team returns to the hospital to assess if the action plan was implemented.

The NIAZ uses the INK model to assess if an organisation is accredited positively. The INK model is developed by means of the EFQM - European Foundation of Quality Management.

The INK model aims at continuous improvement of the overall quality. It makes a difference between the organisation and the result, in order to find out exactly where possible problems occur.

The INK model