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As the main task of this project is to find out which quality criteria are essential for the different stakeholders of the medical tourism industry, it is very important to define what quality exactly is and how it is perceived in the medical sector.

Every accreditation system in this report has been analysed by means of a table, followed by a short explanation. The various systems are divided up in inbound and outbound countries, countries that were not taken into account yet and accreditation systems that operate on a Meta level. All the systems are arranged in alphabetical order divided in the four categories.

NameName of the organisation
Type of organisationPrivate or public organisation
International or nationalCooperation of accreditation systems only with national healthcare facilities or also international
Period of validityDuration of the certifi cate
Method of assessmentMethod of assessment of the institution by an accreditation system
Public communicationTransparent/not transparent communication with international patients
Target groupsTarget groups of the accreditation certifi cate
PriceApplication fee for the accreditation
Accredited byAccreditation system being accredited or not accredited by a different institution
ParticipationVoluntarily or compulsory
Quality normAccreditation system working with certain model or norm
FoundersFounders of the accreditation system
ObjectiveObjective/mission of the accreditation system
Profit or non-profit basedAccreditation system being profi t oriented or not
Accredited institutionsDescription of institutions accreditation by this system
Special remarksDifferentiation of this accreditation system from others or other important remarks