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Profit from the Global Health Care

Profit from the Global Health Care

This report is exploratory and features the current industry situation and possible future forecasts. The general complexity is the lack of a source that gives a concise overview of the industry. This report focuses on the industry from all main target groups’ view points, i.e. providers and consumers, in order to evaluate the demand and supply impact in the market. Facilitating companies are also considered, although not examined in detail.

The Study covers:
  • Introduction to Medical Tourism
  • Inbound Medical Tourism Destinations
  • Outbound Countries
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Proposed EU Directive for Cross-Border Health Care
  • Accreditation and Quality Systems in Health Care
  • Medical Tourism SWOT Analysis

More than 190 pages with ... figures and tables.

>> Management summary
Medical Tourism: ”Profit from Global Health Care”
This management summary outlines the main conclusions of the project “Medical Tourism”.

>> Table of contents
Medical Tourism: ”Profit from Global Health Care”

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