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Medical Tourism - Destination - Poland

General Informations


Localisation Poland is located in the middle of Europe
Capital Warsaw (1.708 Mio)
Biggest cities (population) Krakow (766,583), Lodz (753.192), Wroclaw (632,930)
Inhabitants 38,544,513
Politics Parliamentary representative democratic republic, Prime Minister is the head of government of a multi-party system
Religion Catholic 91%, Orthodox 1%, Other Religion 2%, Atheist 2%
Currency Poland Zloty PLN = 0.235933€
GDP 514,5 billion USD
Official language(s) Polish
Climate Mild summers with showers and thundershowers; cold, cloudy, moderately winters with frequent precipitation
Time zone GMT +1
Happy Planet Index (HPI) 71

Cultural Aspects

General Culture

In the 13th and 14th century, Poland was the largest state in union with Lithuania in Eastern Europe. Then over 100 years Poland territory was split between Austria Germany and Russia. After the First World War, an independent Poland was created. The Nazis invaded Poland in 1939 shattered the young republic. After the Second World War, it was called the republic of Poland again.


Poland is not a dangerous country, they ranked 25 in GPI and it is just as save as the other European countries.

Tourists Attractions and Sights

Tatra Mountains - Countless tourist routes through picturesque mountain valleys lead tourists to the lakes and ponds (the most famous of which is Morskie Oko)

The Baltic Sea – The Amber Coast The Polish part of the Baltic coast is 788 km long. Apart from amazing, golden beaches, picturesque landscapes of the sea and the cliffs, the entire shoreline is dotted with historical cities and lovely fishing villages

- Masuria

  • Masuria was voted one of the 28 most beautiful places in the world and ranked 5th in this category in Europe. Apart from its lakes, Masuria is famous for extensive forests and
  • Bieszczady mountains: soft green mountains with traditional wooden churches one of the remotest areas in Europe

- Kraków

Crowds of tourists are attracted by a unique feel of the city, many concerts and festivals, not to mention a magical atmosphere of the Kraków cafeterias and jazz clubs. In the very heart of Kraków, there are over 600 historical objects, 10 of which are of the highest international class and entered into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among them is the St. Mary’s Church with a beautiful Gothic altar sculpted by Wit Stwosz in the 15th century and the Main Market Square – the biggest medieval market in Europe. The Wawel Hill with its Royal Castle used to be the seat of the great Polish rulers and the heart of our country. Today Kraków is one of the most important European centres of culture, arts, science and tourism.

- Wieliczka

  • tour of the mine reveals, how the salt was extracted in the old times and you can see amazing salt sculptures, located along the entire tourist route. You can marvel at the beautiful chambers, left after the salt was mined, the underground chapels made of salt, including the most famous – the Chapel of Saint Kinga.
  • At the depth of 135 metres in the “Jezioro Wessel” chamber, Medical Rehabilitation Centre is located.
  • Czestochowa: is located in the heart of Krakowsko-Czestochowska Upland, an area characterized by Jurassic rocks
  • Gdansk (Danzig): architecture of the Old City, largest brick Gothic church in the world, gentle climate and beaches

Visa Requirements

Poland is a part of the Schengen states, which entitles the holder to stay in the territory of all Schengen states. There are Visas required for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.



The transport system in Poland is well developed, including a road network of approximately 412.260 km. A rail network links all of Poland’s major cities. In the North there is a high amount of important waterways which are connected to the Baltic Sea. Moreover, the Warsaw Chopin Airport and the Krakow John Paul II are International Airports. Other big airports in Poland:…Wroclaw, Gdansk and Katowice.………………..


The range of Poland’s accommodation is extremely varied. There are over half a million rooms waiting for tourists – some are typical and as always there are simple up to luxurious hotels available. Hotels belonging to the global chains are present in almost every city.

Health Care System

WHO ranking 50
Physicians per 10,000 population 21,6 (2009)
Nurses per 10,000 population 57 (2009)
GDP spent on health care 6,7% (2009)
Education period of doctors 6 years
Education period of specialists 2 years

Health Care Providers

Health care in Poland is delivered through a publicly funded health care system, which is free for all citizens of Poland. The government provides free healthcare for children, pregnant women, disabled people and elderly. Furthermore, there are many private hospitals offering health care in Poland as well as a wide range of specialized physicians, especially in bigger cities.


In Poland subsidized health services are provided to Polish residents by the general health insurance. In order to offer health services the insurance company has to be registered with the NFZ (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia). EU/EEA citizens are also entitled to use the Polish health care by using the European Health Insurance Card.

General Medical Tourism Information

A growing number of foreigners are taking advantage of the affordable, high quality healthcare in Poland. Recently the Polish Government started to focus on medical tourism due to some funding programs of the European Union. The membership in the EU enables Poland to show the excellent healthcare provided at affordable costs. There is a long tradition of medical studies in Poland especially in Krakow. Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) of Poland founded the prestigious Jagiellonian University in 1364 which includes three faculties of the Medical College within its structure.

Poland can make use of its beautiful landscape to compete with destinations all over the world.


  • Poland has high quality physicians educated in Europe
  • Affordable prices by still providing a high quality treatment


  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment
  • General dentistry and dental surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Dermatologe
  • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Ophthalmology and Eye surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Heart surgery
  • Hair transplant
  • Obesity treatments
  • Cancer treatments
  • Endocrinology


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Affordable cost compared to other European countries
  • High quality of medical facilities
  • Highly qualified physicians, especially in field of cardiosurgery, orthopedic, cosmetic surgery and dentistry
  • Located in the middle of Europe
  • Language: besides doctors and specialized nurses most of medical stuff is not speaking fluent English
  • The amount of hospitals with an international accreditations is very low
  • Options for major surgical procedures and treatment are limited


Poland has emerged as one of the premier destinations for health travelers in Central Europe and neighboring regions. In 2006, medical tourism patients accounted for more than 450,000 visitors to the country. These figures are expected to rise by 15%-20% each year as Poland gains popularity as a cost-effective and high quality medical tourism destination.

Top Facility Chart

Poland Military Medical Academy University Teaching Hospital -Central Veterans’ Hospital Medicover Hospital Retina Eye Hospital Center for Reproductive Medicine Bocian
Location and website Quezon City
Łódź, www.uskwam.umed.lodz.pl
Warsaw www.retina.pl Bialystok www.klinikabocian.pl
Accreditations or certifications Accreditation in process. Certificates & Awards:
• 2013, 2011 - European Certificate Reliable in Healthcare,
• 2010 - Certificate ISO 9001:2008,
• 2010 - Leader of Advanced Technologies,
• 2010, 2008, 2007 - Pearls of Medicine,
• 2007 -The hospital was granted the Pro Memoria medal for its activity and commitment to veterans.
ISO, Painless Hospital, Ministry of Health certification ISO, ESHRE
Capacity of hospital beds 650 beds (4 hospitals) 180 one day surgery N/A
Possible for accompanying person to stay in room i.e. Hilton Hotel, Qubus Hotel (very close to hospital, only 5 min. on foot) Yes N/A
Medical tourists German, British, Dutch, American, Canadian. Expatriates. Expatriates, Swedish, Russians, British Mostly expats from Embassies Mostly expatriates but small amounts of British and Dutch
Number of medical staff doctors/nurses >2,000 physicians, nurses and administration. We employ highly specialized 62 independent researchers, 33 full professors including national and regional consultants, and 29 assistant and associate professors, as well as over 200 PhD academics. Nearly 630 fully qualified nurses are at our patients’ disposal, too. 200 doctors, < 500 nurses 8 doctors, 2 nurses >10
Type of rooms available (prices) Single rooms, double rooms. Prices vary (up to € 200 per day) double, single, family, apartments Hotels available next to the Hospital N/A
International patient department Yes, they organise all the arrangements Yes, they organise all the arrangements Yes, they organise all the arrangements
Adaptations to cultures and nations Yes, in food and religious habits Yes, in food and religious habits N/A
Languages spoken by staff German, English and French English, Russian, Polish English Polish, English, Russian
Marketing of the facility/USP maxillofacial surgery (we are the only one in Poland and few in Europe who performs: 1. ORBIT RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY - individual and precise implant for each patient affected by orbital injury 2. PRE-PROSTHETIC AND PRE-IMPLANTOLOGIC JAW RECONSTRUCTIONS -typical dental implant treatment cannot be possible in case of severe atrophy of jaw. It is possible to reconstruct alveolar crest by big own bone grafts. Good donor site are skull bone from parietal region or iliac crest), orthopedics, arthroscopy, rehabilitation, cardiosurgery, general surgery, extensive range of dental services (implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, surgical, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, pediatric). Experience, that our hospital takes pride in, has been gathered for over 75 years. Our hospital is a multiprofile unit, which is one of our major strength. Many specialist surgeries, widely expanded basic medical care, outpatient clinics, clinical wards and diagnostic departments provide a complexity of medical services. Word of mouth, internet, congresses and agents Word od mouth, internet, press local and international Word of mouth, internet, congresses and agents
Specialisations The most significant specializations of our inpatient departments are: orthopedics, arthroscopy, hand surgery, 2 departments of general surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, ophthalmology and sight rehabilitation, cardiology and cardio surgery, gastroenterology, internal diseases, otolaryngology and laryngological oncology, anaesthesiology and intensive therapy, urology, rehabilitation, hypertension nephrology and family medicine with a dialysis station and endoscope laboratory. Outpatient department Dental Clinic. Obesity, surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, laryngology, thorax surgery, gynaecology, obscetric, cardiology, neurology, paediatrics and plastic surgery Ophthalmology Fertility treatment, IVF, gynecology, obstetrics

Poland IPS Western Hospital of John Paul II INDEXMEDICA Euromedic Hospital
Location and website Grodzisk Mazowiecki 35km West of Warsaw , szpitalzachodni.pl, www.en.szpitalzachodni.pl, Krakow, www.indexmedica.de Katowice, www.euromedic.com.pl, www.silesiamed.com
Accreditation or certification ISO, EIC, EFQM, AQUAP, HACCP, Pain free hospital, In the national ranking of institutions providing the best medical care prepared by the newspaper Rzeczpospolita in 2012 Western Hospital took the 6th place in Poland, and second place in Mazovia. ISO 9001 TÜV Rheinland,Dentsply-Friadent, VDW,3M-ESPE, Milestone,Geistlich,Mectron,Ecolab,Osstem ISO 9001-2008
Capacity of hospital beds 345 beds 5 dental offices 54 beds
Possible for accompanying person to stay in room Yes, in the private rooms Yes no, hotel 300 m away from the hospital, possibility of hotel booking through patient coordinator
Medical tourists British, American, Canadian, Expatriates, Middle East Asia, countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Scandinavians, British, German, expatriates Canadian, British, American, Dutch, Scandinavian, Iranian
Number of medical stuff doctors/nurses Doctors: 90 Nurses: 280 24 over 160 physicians, over 280 nurses
Type of rooms available (prices) Single rooms, double rooms. Prices vary (up to € 120 per day) Single rooms, double rooms, multi-bedded rooms hospital stay included in the treatment price
International patient department Yes, they organise all the arrangements Yes, they organise all the arrangements Yes, they organise all the arrangements. Patient coordination is carried out by silesiamed.com sp. z o.o.
Adaptations to cultures and nations Yes, in food and religious habits Yes Yes, in food and religious habits
Languages spoken by stuff German, English, French, Russian German, English, Norwegian Polish, English, Spanish, Italian
Marketing of the facility/ USP Word of mouth, internet, promotional brochures, participation in the initiative to promote medical tourism in Poland Word of mouth, internet,and agents Word of mouth, internet, conferences, magazines, folders and booklets
Specialisations neurosurgery, orthopaedics and trauma, urology, cardiology and interventional cardiology, neurology, apoplexy, paediatrics, general and oncologic surgery, internal deseases Alle fields of dentistry, X-ray and CT scan diagnostics General surgery, vascular surgery, ophtalmology, thopaedics, cardiology, cardiac surgery

Poland Diagnostix Sports Clinic Żory Krakow - Pasternik Rehabilitation Clinic
Location and website Wisła www.diagnostix.pl Żory, www.sport-klinika.pl Krakow, Modlniczka, www.pasternik.com.pl
Accreditation or certification PN-EN ISO 9001:2009
Capacity of hospital beds 18 rooms (36 beds) 42 beds 94 beds
Possible for accompanying person to stay in room Yes, in the private rooms yes, in the private rooms Yes
Medical tourists Mostly expatriants from Irland and Great Britain,but also patients from Eastern Europe:Russia, Ukraine Yes, in neurological rehabilitation
Number of medical stuff doctors/nurses nurses, physioterapists, personal trainers, dieticians, coach from different sport dosciplines: cycling, running, etc., physiologist 7 orthopedic surgeons,4 anesthesiologists,20 nurses,11 physiotherapists,10 medical secretaries >60
Type of rooms available (prices) Single room, double room, apartment, Price from 60 € for 2 person/double room per night single and double rooms ,Price vary(80-90 EUR) Single rooms, double rooms. Prices vary (up to € 100 per day)
International patient department Yes, they organise all the arrangements Yes - International Patient Consultant
Adaptations to cultures and nations Yes, in food and religious habits, diet preperad by dieticians Yes, in food and religious habits Yes - in eating habits and day or week schedule
Languages spoken by stuff English English,German,Russian English, German
Marketing of the facility/ USP Word of mouth, internet, congresses and agents Word of mouth, internet, congresses and agents Word of mouth, internet, congresses
Specialisations Sport examination, rehabilitation, diet, diet vacation, wellnes, personal training, Health Care Orthopaedics- arthroscopy and TKA,THA Sports Medicine,Reumatology,Physiotherapy Complexive neurological rehabilitation in brain stroke, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. Movement rehabilitation laboratory, physiotherapy, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, medical massage, speech and swallowing therapy and psychology.

Price Chart (in €uro)

Treatment Average Price
Cardiac bypass 13800
Gastric bypass 7100
Knee replacement 10500
Hip replacement 10300
Hip resurfacing 12800
Botox treatment 500
Breast augmentation 2990
Facelift 3990
Liposuction 3836
Dental implants 1094
Rhinoplasty 2134
Lasik eye surgery 0

Note: All prices are estimates, and may vary widely from source to source depending on services included in the estimate (i.e. doctor’s fees, hospitalisation, administration costs or the patient’s age and medical history). Due to non-disclosure strategies of the various locations, it was not possible to make a clear separation between those factors. All prices given for the specific facilities have been provided by the hospitals/clinics themselves via email or telephone contact. The prices are given in Euros (€).

N/A means either that treatment are not available in the specific hospital, that a price estimation cannot be found or that the medical facility did not disclose the information. For the average prices, printed literature has been used before researching sources on the internet.