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NameKorean Hospital Association
Type of organisationPublic
International or nationalNational
Period of validity-
Method of assessment-
Public communicationNot transparent
Target groupsPatients
Accredited by-
Quality norm-
FoundersMinistry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs
ObjectiveDevelopment of member hospitals; Improvement of medical personnel; Promotion and Support for member hospitals
Profit or non-profit basedNon-profit
Accredited institutionsHospitals and clinics with 300 beds or more
Special remarksTrying to corporate with JCI

The Korean Hospital Association (KHA) is a national medical accreditation organisation situated in South Korea. One of the objectives of the KHA is to promote the healthcare in South Korea worldwide. Medical tourism is considered as a key business opportunity in South Korea. The KHA has two main objectives that go hand in hand: 1) It aims to improve the quality level of healthcare in South Korea, which is done through education and improvement of management in healthcare organisations and 2) promotion thereof.