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Aheads Bromley Road GB- N17 0AR Londres
Ambulatory Care and Diagnostics Centre Acton Lane GB- NW10 7NS Londres
Ann Tayler Communiy Centre -13 Triangle Road GB- E8 3RP Londres
Appleby Health Centre Appleby Road GB- E16 1LQ Londres
Ashfield Street Ashfield Street GB- E1 2AJ Londres
Athena Medical Centre Atherden Road GB- E5 0QP Londres
Athlone House Hampstead Lane GB- N6 4RU Londres
Avesbury House (Forensics) Tanners End Lane GB- N18 1PQ Londres


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Ballards Lane (Ctld) Ballards Lane GB- N12 8LY Londres
Barnes Hospital South Worple Way GB- SW14 8SU Londres GO http://www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk
Bearsted Centre Lordship Road GB- N16 0QY Londres
Beatrice Place Audiology Centre Beatrice Place GB- W8 5LP Londres
Bendon Valley House -220 Garratt Lane GB- SW18 4EA Londres
Bingfield Primary Care Centre Bingfield Street GB- N1 0AL Londres
Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre and Neurodisability Service -82 Blackheath Hill GB- SE10 8AD Londres
Bmi - The Blackheath Hospital -42 Lee Terrace GB- SE3 9UD Londres GO http://www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/blackheath
Bmi - The Garden Hospital -50 Sunny Gardens Road GB- NW4 1RP Londres GO http://www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/garden
Bmi - The London Independent Hospital Beaumont Square GB- E1 4NL Londres GO http://www.bmihealthcare.co.uk/lih
Bolingbroke Hospital Bolingbroke Grove GB- SW11 6HN Londres
Bpas (Central London Day Surgery Unit) -27 Bedford Square GB- WC1B 3HP Londres
Bpas (Finsbury Park Clinic) -20 Upper Tollington Park GB- N4 3EL Londres
Bpas (Kilburn Square) Kilburn Square GB- NW6 6PS Londres
Brevin Home Care GB- SW1W 9NP Londres +44 (0)20 7730 3782 GO http://www.brevinhomecare.co.uk/
Brookhill Centre Brookhill Road GB- SE18 6UZ Londres


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Canning Crescent -292 High Road GB- N22 8JT Londres
Capio Eye a Harley Street GB- W1G 7EL Londres GO http://www.capioeye.co.uk
Capio Nightingale Hospital - Lisson Grove -19 Lisson Grove GB- NW1 6SH Londres
Capio Nightingale Hospital - Radnor Walk -5 Radnor Walk GB- SW3 4BP Londres
Capio Nightingale Hospitals -19 Lisson Grove GB- NW1 6SH Londres
Celandine House (Cmht) /401 Hertford Road GB- N9 7BN Londres
Central Middlesex Acad Acton Lane GB- NW10 7NS Londres
Central Middlesex Hospital Acton Lane GB- NW10 7NS Londres GO http://www.nwlh.nhs.uk/
ChPCT Clinical Assessment Service Nuttall Street GB- N1 5LZ Londres
Charing Cross Hospital Fulham Palace Road GB- W6 8RF Londres GO http://www.hhnt.nhs.uk
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Fulham Road GB- SW10 9NH Londres GO http://www.chelwest.nhs.uk
Child and Family Service Greenland Road GB- NW1 0AS Londres
City University Northampton Square GB- EC1V 0HB Londres
Coleridge Road (Ld) Coleridge Road GB- E17 6QU Londres
Colindale Hospital Colindale Avenue GB- NW9 5HG Londres
Community Dental Services Nuttall Street GB- N1 5LZ Londres
Coppetts Wood High Security Unit Coppetts Road GB- N10 1JN Londres GO http://www.royalfree.nhs.uk/index.aspx
Cromwell Hospital -174 Cromwell Road GB- SW5 0TU Londres GO http://www.cromwellhospital.com


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Devonshire Consulting Rooms Devonshire Street GB- W1G 6PU Londres
Douglass House Project Coulgate Street GB- SE4 2RW Londres


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East London and The City Mental Health Trust Headquarters Commercial Street GB- E1 6LP Londres
Edith Cavel Enfield Road GB- N1 5BA Londres
Edmonton Cmht -309 Fore Street GB- N9 0PD Londres
Edwards Drive (Ctld) -3 Edwards Drive GB- N11 2HD Londres
Egerton Road Practice Egerton Road GB- N16 6UA Londres
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Huntley Street GB- WC1E 6DH Londres GO http://www.uclh.nhs.uk
Elsdale Street Surgery Elsdale Street GB- E9 6QY Londres
Evergreen Primary Care Centre Smythe Close GB- N9 0TW Londres
Excel House High Road GB- N15 4BN Londres


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Family Dental Centre Roman Road GB- E2 0QY Londres
Fbc Bow St Andrews House St. Andrews Way GB- E3 3PB Londres
Finchley Memorial Hospital Granville Road GB- N12 0JE Londres GO http://www.barnet.nhs.uk/sites_services/finchley/index.shtm
Forest Road (Dash) a Forest Road GB- N9 8RZ Londres


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Goldie Leigh Lodge Hill GB- SE2 0AY Londres
Great Chapel Street Medical Centre Great Chapel Street GB- W1F 8FL Londres
Great Ormond Street Hospital Great Ormond Street GB- WC1N 3JH Londres
Great Ormond Street Hospital Central London Site Great Ormond Street GB- WC1N 3JH Londres GO http://www.gosh.nhs.uk
Greater London House Hampstead Road GB- NW1 7QX Londres
Greenthorne Merriam Close GB- E4 9JQ Londres
Greyhound Road -183 Fulham Palace Road GB- W6 8QZ Londres
Guy's Hospital St Thomas Street GB- SE1 9RT Londres GO http://www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk
Guys Hospital St. Thomas Street GB- SE1 9RT Londres


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Hackney Downs Kenninghall Road GB- E5 8BY Londres
Hammersmith Hospital Du Cane Road GB- W12 0HS Londres GO http://www.hhnt.nhs.uk
Heathlands Private Hospital Knee Hill GB- SE2 0YS Londres
Highgate Private Hospital View Road GB- N6 4DJ Londres GO http://highgatehospital.co.uk
Holden Road (Camhs) -3 Holden Road GB- N12 8HP Londres
Homerton Hospital Homerton Row GB- E9 6SR Londres
Homerton University Hospital Homerton Row GB- E9 6SR Londres GO http://www.homerton.nhs.uk
Hope House (Cmht Mdo Team) -51 Woodhouse Road GB- N12 9ET Londres
Hospital For Tropical Diseases Off Capper Street GB- WC1E 6JD Londres GO http://www.uclh.nhs.uk
Hospital Of St John and St Elizabeth Grove End Road GB- NW8 9NH Londres


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Islington Canonbury Community Mental Health Halliford Street GB- N1 3RH Londres


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Joan Bartlett Nursing Home Marloes Road GB- W8 5LP Londres
John Scott Health Centre Green Lanes GB- N4 2NU Londres


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Kenworthy Road Kenworthy Road GB- E9 5TD Londres
King Edward Vii's Hospital For Officers -10 Beaumont Street GB- W1G 6AA Londres
King's College Hospital (Denmark Hill) Denmark Hill GB- SE5 9RS Londres GO http://www.kch.nhs.uk
Kings Cross Walk In -41 Caledonian Road GB- N1 9DT Londres
Kingsbury Hospital Honeypot Lane GB- NW9 9QY Londres GO http://www.brentpct.nhs.uk


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Lawson Practice Nuttall Street GB- N1 5HZ Londres
Lisson Grove Health Centre Gateforth Street GB- NW8 8EG Londres
Lister Hospital Chelsea Bridge Road GB- SW1W 8RH Londres
London Bridge Hospital Tooley Street GB- SE1 2PR Londres
London Imaging Centre -12 Wimpole Street GB- W1G 9ST Londres
London Independent Hospital Beaumont Square GB- E1 4NL Londres
London Pet Centre Harley Street GB- W1G 6AN Londres
Lordship Lane -552 Lordship Lane GB- N22 5BY Londres
Lordship Lane Lift Lordship Lane GB- N17 6AA Londres
Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre Lordship Lane GB- N17 6AA Londres
Lower Clapton Health Centre Lower Clapton Road GB- E5 0PQ Londres


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Maitland Assessment Centre -153 Lower Clapton Road GB- E5 8TR Londres
Maitland Place -153 Lower Clapton Road GB- E5 8TR Londres
Manor House Hospital Ltd North End Road GB- NW11 7HT Londres
Marie Stopes International Central London Centre Whitfield Street GB- W1T 5BE Londres GO http://www.mariestopes.org.uk
Marie Stopes International South London Centre a Raleigh Gardens GB- SW2 1AB Londres GO http://www.mariestopes.org.uk
Mary Seacole Nuttall Street GB- N1 5LZ Londres
Maudsley Hospital Denmark Hill GB- SE5 8AZ Londres GO http://www.slam.nhs.uk
Mildmay Mission Hospital Hackney Road GB- E2 7NA Londres
Mile End Hospital Bancroft Road GB- E1 4DG Londres GO http://www.thpct.nhs.uk
Moorfields Eye Hospital (City Road) City Road GB- EC1V 2PD Londres GO http://www.moorfields.nhs.uk


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Naseberry Court Merriam Close GB- E4 9JQ Londres
National Children's Bureau Wakley Street GB- EC1V 7QE Londres
Neaman Practice Half Moon Court GB- EC1A 7HF Londres
Nelson Hospital Kingston Road GB- SW20 8DB Londres GO http://www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk/
Newham General Hospital Glen Road GB- E13 8SL Londres GO http://www.newhamuniversityhospital.nhs.uk
Nightingale Practice Kenninghall Road GB- E5 8BY Londres
Nmh Dialysis Unit Sterling Way GB- N18 1QX Londres GO http://www.royalfree.nhs.uk/index.aspx
North London Business Park Oakleigh Road South GB- N11 1NP Londres
North Middlesex Hospital Sterling Way GB- N18 1QX Londres GO http://www.northmid.nhs.uk


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Oaks and Elms Pennington Drive GB- N21 1PN Londres
Oxleas House Stadium Road GB- SE18 4QH Londres GO http://www.oxleas.nhs.uk


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Parkside Hospital Parkside GB- SW19 5NX Londres GO http://parkside-hospital.co.uk
Peckwater Centre Peckwater Street GB- NW5 2TX Londres
Princess Louise Hospital St. Quintin Avenue GB- W10 6DL Londres
Project 106 -108 Plumstead Common Road GB- SE18 3RE Londres
Pts Queen Elizabeth Hospital Stadium Road GB- SE18 4QH Londres
Pts St Pancras Hospital St. Pancras Way GB- NW1 0PE Londres
Pts Uch Hampstead Road Hampstead Road GB- NW1 2BX Londres
Pts Whipps Cross Hospital Whipps Cross Road GB- E11 1NR Londres


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Queen Charlotte's Hospital Du Cane Road GB- W12 0HS Londres GO http://www.queencharlottes.nhs.uk
Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton Lane GB- SW15 5PN Londres GO http://www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk
Queen Marys Hospital (Roehampton) Roehampton Lane GB- SW15 5PN Londres GO http://www.wandsworthpct.nhs.uk/about/qmh.asp


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Red Oak Lodge Thorne Close GB- E11 4HU Londres
Rehab For Adults (Cmht) Queen Elizabeths Drive GB- N14 6RG Londres
Renal Clinic - Royal Free Hospital Pond Street GB- NW3 2QG Londres
Royal Brompton Hospital Sydney Street GB- SW3 6NP Londres GO http://www.rbht.nhs.uk
Royal Free Hospital Pond Street GB- NW3 2QG Londres GO http://www.royalfree.nhs.uk/
Royal Hospital For Neuro-Disability West Hill GB- SW15 3SW Londres GO http://www.rhn.org.uk
Royal London Homeopathic Hospital Great Ormond Street GB- WC1N 3HR Londres GO http://www.uclh.nhs.uk/rlhh
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (Bolsover Street) -51 Bolsover Street GB- W1W 5AQ Londres GO http://www.rnoh.nhs.uk/
Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital Gray's Inn Road GB- WC1X 8DA Londres GO http://www.royalfree.nhs.uk


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Seven Sisters Road (Haga) Seven Sisters Road GB- N15 6HR Londres
Somerfield Grove Health Centre Somerford Grove GB- N16 7TX Londres
South Westminster Health Centre Vincent Square GB- SW1P 2PF Londres
Springfield University Hospital Glenburnie Road GB- SW17 7DJ Londres GO http://www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk
St Ann's General Hospital St. Ann's Road GB- N15 3TH Londres
St Bartholomew's Hospital West Smithfield GB- EC1A 7BE Londres GO http://www.bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk/
St Clement's Hospital Bow Road GB- E3 4LL Londres
St George's Hospital (Tooting) Blackshaw Road GB- SW17 0QT Londres GO http://www.stgeorges.nhs.uk
St Georges Hospital Medical School Cranmer Terrace GB- SW17 0RE Londres
St Giles and Sheldon Centre St. Giles Road GB- SE5 7RN Londres
St John's Lift St. John's Hill GB- SW11 1SW Londres
St Leonard's Primary Care Centre Nuttall Street GB- N1 5LZ Londres
St Luke's Hospital For The Clergy Fitzroy Square GB- W1T 6AH Londres GO http://www.stlukeshospital.org.uk
St Pancras Hospital St Pancras Way GB- NW1 0PE Londres GO http://www.camdenpct.nhs.uk/index.htm
St Thomas' Hospital Lambeth Palace Road GB- SE1 7EH Londres GO http://www.gstt.nhs.uk
St. Mary's Hospital Praed Street GB- W2 1NY Londres
Stamford Hill Community Centre Stamford Hill Estate GB- N16 6RZ Londres
Stamford Hill Group Practice Egerton Road GB- N16 6UA Londres
Stamford Hill Library Stamford Hill GB- N16 6RZ Londres
Statham Grove Surgery Statham Grove GB- N16 9DP Londres
Stroud Green Road (Dash) Stroud Green Road GB- N4 3EN Londres
Suffolk House -451 Green Lanes GB- N13 4BS Londres


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The British Hernia Centre Watford Way GB- NW4 4RS Londres GO http://www.hernia.org
The Centre Church Road GB- E12 6AQ Londres
The Eastman Dental Hospital Gray's Inn Road GB- WC1X 8LD Londres
The Foyer Fore Street GB- N9 0PD Londres
The Gordon Hospital Bloomburg Street GB- SW1V 2RH Londres
The Heart Hospital -18 Westmoreland Street GB- W1G 8PH Londres
The Huntercombe Hospital - Roehampton Holybourne Avenue GB- SW15 4JL Londres
The Ladywell Unit Lewisham High Street GB- SE13 6LH Londres GO http://www.slam.nhs.uk/
The London Chest Hospital Bonner Road GB- E2 9JX Londres GO http://www.bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk/
The London Welbeck Hospital Welbeck Street GB- W1G 8EJ Londres
The Network (Cmht) Castle Road GB- N12 9EE Londres
The Portland Hospital For Women and Children Great Portland Street GB- W1W 5AH Londres
The Princess Grace Hospital -52 Nottingham Place GB- W1U 5NY Londres
The Romford Road Centre Romford Road GB- E15 4LY Londres
The Royal London Hospital Whitechapel GB- E1 1BB Londres GO http://www.bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk/
The Royal Marsden Hospital (London) Fulham Road GB- SW3 6JJ Londres GO http://www.royalmarsden.nhs.uk
The Surgery (Brooksbys Walk) Brooksby's Walk GB- E9 6DA Londres
The Surgery (Cranwich Road) Cranwich Road GB- N16 5JF Londres
The Tower Hamlets Centre For Mental Health Bancroft Road GB- E1 4DG Londres
The Wellington Hospital a Wellington Place GB- NW8 9LE Londres
The Whittington Hospital Magdala Avenue GB- N19 5NF Londres GO http://www.whittington.nhs.uk
Tolgate Lodge Stamford Hill GB- N16 5SR Londres
Tower Gardens (Surestart) Ex Lansdowne Road Tower Gardens Road GB- N17 7QA Londres
Trowbridge Practice Merriam Avenue GB- E9 5NE Londres
Tudor Grove Tudor Grove GB- E9 7QL Londres
Tulip (Aot) Fore Street GB- N18 2UD Londres
Turner Street Medical School Turner Street GB- E1 2AD Londres
Tynemouth Road (Cmht) Tynemouth Road GB- N15 4RH Londres


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Uclh Euston Road GB- NW1 2PQ Londres
Uclh Outreach: The Margaret Centre Hampstead Road GB- NW1 2LS Londres
University College Hospital Euston Road GB- NW1 2BU Londres GO http://www.uclh.nhs.uk
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Euston Road GB- NW1 2PG Londres
University Hospital Lewisham Lewisham High Street GB- SE13 6LH Londres
Upper Clapton Road Surgery Upper Clapton Road GB- E5 9JZ Londres


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Wally Foster Community Centre Homerton Road GB- E9 5QB Londres
Well Street Surgery b Well Street GB- E9 7PX Londres
Western Eye Hospital -173 Marylebone Road GB- NW1 5QH Londres GO http://www.st-marys.nhs.uk
Whipps Cross Hospital Whipps Cross Road GB- E11 1NR Londres
Whipps Cross University Hospital Whipps Cross Road GB- E11 1NR Londres GO http://www.whippsx.nhs.uk/
Wick Health Centre Wick Road GB- E9 5AN Londres
Willesden Centre For Health and Care Robson Avenue GB- NW10 3RY Londres GO http://www.brentpct.nhs.uk
Willesden Hospital Harlesden Road GB- NW10 3RY Londres
Woodfield Road Medical Centre e Woodfield Road GB- W9 3XZ Londres