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Quality beyond Boundaries

Quality beyond Boundaries

The focus of this research is to find out common criteria concerning medical and service quality in healthcare facilities, which are regarded valuable by several stakeholders in the industry.

The geographical orientation of this report is based on the research of different medical tourism destinations from the previous research during the year 2009/2010

At the moment there is no international uniform standard system which compares the hospitals and gives advice to the medical tourist concerning which hospital to choose for a treatment. The task given was how to create a quality ranking system by creating a general set of quality criteria shared by all stakeholders of the medical tourism industry. The stakeholders are the following: accreditation systems operators, multinational employers, insurance companies, facilitators, and patients. The team focused the research on 18 inbound and 4 outbound countries that where already used as a basis for the previous report.

The Study covers:
  • Introduction to Medical Tourism
  • Industry Analysis
  • Analysis of Medical Tourism Destinations
  • Healthcare Accreditation System
  • Stakeholders of Medical Tourism
  • Survey Analysis

More than 140 pages with charts, figures and tables.

>> Management summary

Medical Tourism: ”Quality beyond Boundaries”
This management summary outlines the main conclusions of the project “Medical Tourism”.

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Medical Tourism: ”Quality beyond Boundaries”

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