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Assisted Reproduction

A Typical IVF Cycle

IVF takes place in a series of steps. For medical tourists whose time is limited, some of these steps can be done before and after traveling in order to save time. The most costly parts of the treatment are steps 25. The remaining steps can be performed by your primary care doctor. About one week before your cycle, you will be given fertility medications to stimulate egg production. Eggs are then extracted from your ovaries, by use of a long needle guided by ultrasound. The eggs are fertilized in the laboratory with sperm. The embryos are allowed to develop for 25 days. The highestgrade embryos are selected and transferred into the womb
by use of a special catheter.
 Further medications are given to encourage pregnancy. Ultrasound and hormone tests are done once a week.

Content taken from the book MEDICAL TOURISM TRAVEL GUIDE

Book cover Medical Tourism Travel Guide by Paul Gahlinger Sunrise River Press

The Medical Tourism Travel Guide is the essential guide for anyone considering a medical trip overseas. It tells you everything you need to know to get top-notch medical care in world-class medical facilities at a cost far less than treatment in the United States. The author, Dr. Paul Gahlinger, has personally visited a great number of the facilities described in this book, and here he shares information on hundreds of clinics, hospitals, and spas in about 50 countries, as well as important tips on how to travel, how to pay, how to prepare, what to do, and what to avoid.

With kind permission of Paul Gahlinger. For more information visit Sunrise River Press