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NameThe Australian Council on Healthcare Standards
Type of organisationPrivate
International or nationalInternational
Period of validity-
Method of assessmentExternal assessors
Public communicationPartly transparent
Target groupsGovernments, consumers and health bodies
Accredited byISQua
Quality normEQuIP
FoundersThe Australian Medical Association, medical colleges and the Australian Hospital Association
ObjectiveImprove the quality and safety of healthcare.
Profit or non-profit basedNon-profit
Accredited institutionsHealthcare organisations
Special remarks-

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) is Australia’s leading healthcare assessment and accreditation provider. The ACHS uses a self-developed evaluation and quality improvement program, which is a framework to deliver customer-centred services. This framework is only available for members of the ACHS.

The ACHS is not only groundbreaking for the Australian and international healthcare organisations, but it is also valued and regularly addressed by organisations of other countries who want to take care of the standardisation development, accreditation systems, clinical indicators and hosting of international delegations. The ACHS, however, is not very transparent for non members of the ACHS or people without a direct relation with the ACHS.